Food Trip #3: Cafe Via Mare

Sunday, January 9, 2011
After daddy's checkup at St. Luke's Medical Center - Global City. We went to Cafe Via Mare just inside St. Luke's building on the ground floor.
When I looked at the menu...


 When I saw the menu, I got a little bit disappointed with their price. For me that's too much. Anyway we ordered Puto Bumbong and Pansit Luglog.

I did not liked the taste of the Puto Bumbong together with the brown sugar and the niyog, well not that bad, but i had much higher expectations. That is because I LOVE PUTO BUNGBONG. The Puto Bungbong of Cainta is much better, i think it is because of the butter and the cheese.

(Puto Bungbong ₱66)
   (Pansit Luglog₱195)

 The Pansit Luglog seems delicious, and when i tried it. It is! It has lots of toppings. It has a savory taste, it also has shrimp and some vegetables. What I did not like, again it's the price. Too much just for a pansit.

 For more information about Cafe Via Mare:
  • Location: Ground Floor, Medical Arts Building, St. Lukes, Bonifacio Global, Taguig City
  • Estimated Cost per Person: 250 - 350
  • Tel Nos. 556-9071, 556-8 
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Friday - 8am - 9pm; Saturday to Sunday - 8am - 7pm

    -Live, Love, Laugh and Eat-


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