Food Trip #11: Starbuck's Belgian Waffle

Sunday, March 20, 2011
To be honest, I've been hooked with Starbucks these past few month because of their promo last November, to collect stickers and get a free planner! But after that promo, I'm still craving for more... More Belgian Waffles.

So we ordered Starbuck's Belgian Waffle. You can actually choose which syrup you want. If you want chocolate, strawberry or caramel. Actually I like caramel but Marjorie LOVES  (and i mean it!) CHOCOLATE! Haha. So I had no choice but to choose chocolate syrup.

I really love the waffle of Starbucks, it's very sweet (i also love sweets), crunchy inside, and combine with the whip cream + chocolate syrup = PERFECT! It is better if you could drink a cup of Starbucks coffee too. A PERFECT combination.

Overall I really love the combination of this waffle. Nothing beats Starbucks. A two thumbs up. :)

For more information about Starbucks:

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