Food Trip #14: Jacob's Shawarma (best shawarma in town)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Awarded as the BEST SHAWARMA in TOWN!
(Beef Shawarma 200)

Shawarma or Doner Kebab is a sandwich-like wrap of shaved lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, or fish or a mixture of meats.
Actually Jacob's Shawarma have different menu's everyday:
  • Monday – Chicken Shawarma 120
  • Tuesday – Beef and Lamb – 200
  • Wednesday – Fish Shawarma (Salmon or Blue Marlin) 160
  • Thursday – Chicken Shawarma 120
  • Friday – Beef and Lamb – 200

Anyway we had beef and lamb that day. When we tried their shawarma, they have a 2nd year Anniversary promo, 230 for 12inches Beef and Lamb Shawarma + Baklava + Apple or Mint Ice Tea (home made).

When I tasted their baklava, it is like a Turkish kakanin, it was really sweet and crunchy. I got only disappointed because i thought it would be in a large serving, or maybe in a "medium" size serving. I only received a tiny baklava. Haha. Anyway it was tasty, and i love it.

(Baklava 50)

About the ice tea, i choose APPLE tea, so when i tasted it, i thought it will be just like powdered juice, or something like that. It was truly HOME MADE! I mean also has the authentic taste of Turkish's apple tea. Though i really don't like the taste. Haha! Even my brother! But I really want to taste their yogurt, some reviews said that it was delicious
(Home made APPLE TEA  50)
(Turkish glass)

About the 12inches shawarma, we cut it in half for my brother. It was really huge! I really love the stuffing's of it! Actually if you will order for a shawarma, they will ask you if WHEAT or PITA. They told me if you are on a diet choose Pita, so i choose wheat(i'm not on diet)! Haha. About the stuffing's, it was full of vegies and i really love the combination of it, "it can never be compared to a shawarma that can be bought in the Mall I'm 101% about that!"


Overall it was very very very delicious! All ingredients are fresh! By the way, they have lemon juice, ketchup, mayonnaise, though i really don't like the lemon juice. It's very sour and I don't like the combination. But ketchup and mayo are the best! I TELL YOU! THIS IS THE REAL DEAL WHEN IT COMES TO SHAWARMA!! Very delicious shawarma that I've tasted! I will definitely coming back in this place!

(A very contented and happy customer)
(That's ME!)

For more information about Reyes Barbecue:
  • Owned by: Mr. Jacob Cortes
  • Location: 115 Unit AIC Grande Tower, Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center
  • Hours: 24 hours
  • Phone: 227-76-86 
  • Email:
  • Facebook page: Click here
-Live, Love, Laugh and Eat- 


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