Food Trip #6: Aysee's Famous Sisig

Friday, February 18, 2011
After our sisig escapade at Mang Jimmy's, we felt that our bodies need some work out, to burn all the fats and calories that we intake, but nonetheless it never happened =). So after a few days we tried Aysee's sisig at Tiendesitas-Pasig.


The service crews are very attentive, and listen to our orders very well. So we ordered of course their sisig, calamares, and their papaitan. When I think of our orders very well it is like a pulutan and the missing ingredient is a nice cold beer. Haha. =) *cheers*

 We first ate their calamares or fried squid with a mayonnaise dip, nothing special about their dip but what I liked about their calamares, is. Hmmmmm, it's just i love fried squid. Haha, and crunchy feeling while eating eat. So yummy.

 (Calamares 100)
After that appetizer, we get straight to our main course, of course their famous sisig. Actually i came across their restaurant while reading the news paper(thank you). 
I really love their sisig, very tasty one. Now I know, why it was put in the news paper. "Top 10 best sisig in the Philippines". Their servings is good for two persons already! Wow.

(Pork Sisig 100)

 We also ordered papaitan. I really love this dish because, I ate this when we were in La Union Province.The soup of this dish, is bitter (mapaet), so i added some calamansi in it.

(Papaitang Baka 100)

After eating, wow. I can't move. Haha. I really recommend this restaurant. If you are looking for a good food, with good service. I really recommend Aysee, and also for those Sisig lovers.

For More Information about Asee, Visit their Locations:

*St. Martin Street - Pasig
*Eastwood- Cyber Mall
*Eastwood- Amberbase


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-Live, Love, Laugh and Eat-


{ Excalibur } at: March 23, 2011 at 12:07 PM said...

sisig!!! kaso ang bigat sa bulsa =D per serving.. pero itry din minsan yan.. cousin keep it up.. Vince here

{ paulv4444 } at: March 23, 2011 at 1:01 PM said...

MASARAP naman!!hahahah :)

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