Food Trip #10: Reyes Barbecue

Friday, March 18, 2011
Marjorie and I went to the mall last Saturday at Market market in Taguig. We found ourselves craving for CHICKEN!! Actually it's Marjorie's tummy that is craving, not mine. Haha. So we decided to eat at Reyes Barbecue founded by Frank Reyes.

So we ended up ordering their Chicken Barbecue (boneless), their best seller.

(c/o House of Reyes Barbecue Website)

When we received our food, I really love the combination of peanut sauce and the java rice. Though it is my first time to try that combination, but it really suits the taste. I also love their atchara, it really best side dish for grilled foods. Although some people really don't like the taste of atchara. 

I also like the chicken meat, it's so tender and easy to eat.

(Chicken Barbecue 120)

Overall I really love the combination of their sauce, java rice, and of course their chicken barbecue. It is just worth to try. Their servings are not that large, so Mang Inasal's Chicken is much larger than theirs. It's your choice but I wont recommend it to chicken lovers out there.

For more information about Reyes Barbecue:
  For more information about their franchising info:

-Live, Love, Laugh and Eat-


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