Food Trip #13: Sizzling Pepper Steak

Sunday, March 27, 2011
Sunday is a sundate day. So Marjorie and I went to Robinson's Galleria Mall in Ortigas, but before we eat. We went first at Victory Christian Fellowship to listen to the word of God.


We decided to eat at Sizzling Pepper Steak. Their cuisines are Japanese food combined with the Sizzling touch  like a Sizzling Sisig Pinoy style.

Also their menu's have different kinds of sauces that you can try, but those dishes have a default sauce, which is used when you can't decide what sauce your going to combine. What we did is we used their default sauce, we might not be able to enjoy their cuisines to the fullest. Haha. :)

The pictures in their Menu looks so yummy and tasty. What I also liked about this restaurants is their, hmmmm, the truth is I don't know what it is called, judge it by yourselves. But it's purpose is not to have a hard time calling their staffs when you want to ask something, and you just have to flip the card to MOO-OOVE and when they answer your questions they will flip it again to STOP. Pretty cool.


 I ordered Pork BBQ Pepper Rice and Marjorie choose Beef Pepper Rice, and also we got a Bay Calamari for our appetizer. When we got our order, I think we waited for 15 - 20 minutes, a thumbs down for that. Our hunger already passed when we received our order but somehow we received the Bay Calamari for 5 minutes.

(Bay Calamari 265)

(Sour Cream Sauce - Refillable )

When our order arrived, I was so excited, because they served the meat, raw or half cooked (not sure). So we are the one to grill the meat according to our preferences. It was really smoking and very hot, to be honest i don't like really hot dishes. I get my lips burn every time! I think it is because I love to grab the food immediately. Haha!

(Beef Rice 195)

(Pork BBQ Pepper Rice 180)

 Overall, there's nothing special about the food, for me it is just nice to try. I do not recommend to come here very often, because of it's price. But i really do like their service. I heard a lot of bad feedback in other branches, but in Galleria branch the staff were very courteous.

 For more information about Sizzling Pepper Steak:
  • No information listed
  • No website
  • They have a fan page in FB, but i think it is not the official page.

-Live, Love, Laugh and Eat-


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