Food Trip #1: Everything At Steak!

Friday, December 31, 2010 0 comments
To celebrate my very first pay day from my first salary as a call center agent(that was my first job).  I spent it with Marjorie, and ate to a secret restaurant in the city of San Juan.

When we checked the menu for what they can offer. I was astonished to see the price list :) So we ordered immediately. We first ordered Moo Fries(MUST TRY!!) as for the appetizer.

(Moo Fries ₱160)

We also ordered Lamb steak with a flavor of New Orleans Rub, a side dish of Mash potato, and BBQ sauce(yummy). Marjorie ordered New York Steak, with a flavor of their Original Marinate, a side dish of Macaroni Salad, and she picked Country style gravy as her sauce.

       (Lamb Steak ₱195)                                   (New York Steak ₱185

Well for me that was a very deserving treat, for a working person like me. When we tasted the Moo Fries, I looked at her and smiled :) and told her that "this is the best french fries I ever tasted in my whole life...". A very tasty fries, and when I tasted the steak. I looked at her again and smiled :) then kissed her and told her that. I will definitely come back to this place to eat.

Everything At Steak:
  • 5 P. Guevara St. cor. V. Cruz St., San Juan
  • Phone Number: (63 2) 726-2386, 414-5634
 Everything At Steak is just beside Petron Gasoline Station and infront of North Park. Bring your family, friends and love ones, and enjoy their very delicious steaks for affordable prices.

-Live, Love, Laugh and Eat-

Live, Love, Laugh... and EAT

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 0 comments

I want to live, a life that is worth living for.

I want to love, a love that is worth dying for.
I want to laugh, a laugh that can make my heart stop.

and especially i want to EAT... eat-all-you-can.. :)

Hi my name is Paul Vincent Rivera, 21years old. A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Arellano University - Manila batch 2010. I'm into blogging but not into writing, I'm not good in my English composition but i really love to write, express my feelings, and especially to eat. That will be the topic of this blog.

I named it Clandestinefidelity. Why? Hmmm.. To cut the long story short, i got into a relationship (my first), that changed my life, my perception, and my dreams. This girl is also into writing, and also graduated at the same year and school. 
Our relationship is not that good when we first dive into a relationship, we hid it from everyone else. But right now were already 2 years. Going strong each day of our relationship. A BIG thanks for God's blessing. We created a blog from multiply and there we expressed our good, bad, exciting, angry, dull, weird moments of our lives. And we named it Clandestinefidelity.By the way, I haven't introduce her yet. Marjorie Jhay Mie Ocampo.

-Live, Love, Laugh... and Eat-
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