Food Trip #4: Iceberg's

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Marjorie went to our house to watch some movies. So we watched The Little Fockers, and Easy A. After we watched, I told Marjorie that you should go to the office now, because her schedule is 1:15am (she's a Call Center agent). 

About 11pm we left the house and arrived 11:15pm at Ortigas Discovery Suites, she works at TELUS International. Marjorie told me that it's still too early, so we decided to went grab a bite at Metrowalk.

So we decided to eat at Iceberg's since some of the restaurants are closed.

So we started off, trying their appetizer, their Buffalo Wings. When i tasted it. I kept on having a smiling face, and told Marjorie, I NEED A RICE! Haha. The taste of chili, sweet, and other spices. I just love this chicken. Also together with the chicken it has chips and a dip for it. 

 (Buffalo Wings ₱198)

I ordered their Famous Sisig. I really love sisig, so for me it really taste good. It's not too oily, and perfect for it's combination of the raw egg, that is usually serve when they gave the sizzling plate. I also love the onions. Yummmmmmyy =)

  (Famous Sisig ₱188)

 Then Marjorie ordered some Hungarian Carbonara. I told that she should just ordered Lasagna (i LOVE CHEESE) but she told NO! Oh well..anyway, I also loved the presentation of the Carbonara, but when i tasted it, i felt a bit disappointed. It taste bland, but there is still some unique taste but not that strong. I tasted the sausage, and I liked it.

  (Hungarian Carbonara ₱188)

 Our other pictures, we just love taking pictures. =')


Well we should have ordered some of their best seller. Their halo halo, hope it taste good. Anyway some of the foods are great. Some are not. The price is too much expensive. Nice to try. =)

For more information about Icebergs:

  • Location: Metrowalk Complex, Meralco Ave. Pasig City, Metro Manila Philippines
  • Contact no.:(02) 687-5920

-Live, Love, Laugh and Eat-


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